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Walter Hintz

Science teacher for over 50 years. MSc. in biology. I can answer questions in general biology, zoology, botany, anatomy and physiology and biochemistry.

Chris Bemis

I will answer questions relating to the identification of bacterial and fungal isolates using phenotypic (macroscopic/microscopic appearance, biochemical bench tests, fatty-acid analysis) as well as genotypic (RiboPrinting) methods. I can also answer questions relating to environmental microbiology, especially those specifically relating to the pharmaceutical industry. I am less familiar with clinical microbiology.


I can answer questions relating to general biology, cell biology, human physiology, biochemistry,molecular biology,questions on cells, their organelles, membranes,botany, anatomy,physiology, human physiology;organelles, membranes and host-pathogen interaction also homework help

Chris Larsen

On Vacation
returns 09/15/2014
I can answer questions relating to general biology, cell biology, human physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology.

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2014-08-15 hantavirus:

I believe I have responded to this but maybe not.    The chance of you getting the hantavirus is about 0.. As to your medical condition I am not not an MD and cannot diagnosis your condition and even I

2014-08-15 Body Temperatures:

hope this helps;The normal core body temperature of a healthy, resting adult human being is stated to be at 98.6 degrees fahrenheit or 37.0 degrees celsius. Though the body temperature measured on an individual

2014-08-15 hantavirus:

Hi Alex   The Hantavirus can be carried in all rodents but of course most rodents do not carry it. Most Hantavirus infections have been reported West of the Mississippi and it is not common in Tennessee

2014-08-07 Scientific Method:

Hi Pratima   This is a designed experiment similar to homework and I do not homework. It is not fair for me to do your work for you but I will help you complete it only if you will answer the directions

2014-08-06 exceptions in blood types:

Hi Refah   The genetics behind human bloot typing is so exact that it is accepted as evoidence in a court of law when determining family relationships.  Type O blood is recessive which means that you would

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