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Chris Bemis

I will answer questions relating to the identification of bacterial and fungal isolates using phenotypic (macroscopic/microscopic appearance, biochemical bench tests, fatty-acid analysis) as well as genotypic (RiboPrinting) methods. I can also answer questions relating to environmental microbiology, especially those specifically relating to the pharmaceutical industry. I am less familiar with clinical microbiology.


I can answer questions relating to general biology, cell biology, human physiology, biochemistry,molecular biology,questions on cells, their organelles, membranes,botany, anatomy,physiology, human physiology;organelles, membranes and host-pathogen interaction also homework help

Chris Larsen

I can answer questions relating to general biology, cell biology, human physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology.

Walter Hintz

Science teacher for over 50 years. MSc. in biology. I can answer questions in general biology, zoology, botany, anatomy and physiology and biochemistry.

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2015-07-26 Yeast Turning Dough into an Intoxicant:

Hi Abdullah   I agree that yeast causes fermentation in bread dough. It all depends upon temperature. Yeast reproduces at about 85 % F causing the formation of CO2. During baking the higher temperatures

2015-07-25 Brain regeneration:

Hi Alan  Nerve fibers themselves do not regenerate. Two tissues in the body that do not undergo mitosis are neural and muscle tissue.  There have been some studies lately that indicate that damaged nerves

2015-07-02 Blood Vessels:

Veins need valves to create pressure to pump the blood to the heart. Blood flows away from the heart and, therefore, the pressure is not required.      Simplistically, think of the effort it takes to

2015-06-08 SF story biology question:

Hi Geoff   At first it sounds like a logical idea,but I afraid it just would not work. It requires 2 moles of HCl for every mole of metal. Therefore it would take about two liters of acid to dissolve a

2015-05-25 Biomes:

Hi Rachel   I do not like to pass the buck but the answer to  this question would require a lot of writing. There are some question that do not lend themselves to the internet. Biomes are best studied

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