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I can answer questions relating to general biology, cell biology, human physiology, biochemistry,molecular biology,questions on cells, their organelles, membranes,botany, anatomy,physiology, human physiology;organelles, membranes and host-pathogen interaction also homework help

Chris Bemis

I will answer questions relating to the identification of bacterial and fungal isolates using phenotypic (macroscopic/microscopic appearance, biochemical bench tests, fatty-acid analysis) as well as genotypic (RiboPrinting) methods. I can also answer questions relating to environmental microbiology, especially those specifically relating to the pharmaceutical industry. I am less familiar with clinical microbiology.

Chris Larsen

I can answer questions relating to general biology, cell biology, human physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology.

Walter Hintz

Science teacher for over 50 years. MSc. in biology. I can answer questions in general biology, zoology, botany, anatomy and physiology and biochemistry.

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2014-11-25 Twin Species Evolution:

Hi Jason   Interesting question. The evolution of Homo sapiens took millions of years so there is no way we can test this theory. As far as we know no known extinct species has re-evolved. Extinction is

2014-11-12 carbon dioxide level in a green house:

Why do green houses have higher carbon dioxide (CO2) levels than say, outside?pray this helps     Home Safety   General Home Safety​facts/00-077

2014-11-08 Pathogen Vs. Host:

Resistance to and recovery from viral infections will depend on the interactions that occur between virus and host. The defenses mounted by the host may act directly on the virus or indirectly on virus

2014-11-05 regarding milk:

Hi Amtry   All mammals produce milk with special glands (Mammary Glands). The production is under hormonal control. The milk is not mixed with blood. Blood is connective tissue. The function of the blood

2014-11-03 Plumose setae:

Hi Jesse   Setae on spiders and many insects are sensory structures They are used to detect vibrations and air currents. I would like to refer you to this web site. ( Here you will find

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