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Miguel Rodriguez

Long time enthusiast of birding, specifically of the birds of the island of HISPANIOLA (Dominican Republic and Haiti) in the CARIBBEAN. Also, some knowledge of CARIBBEAN FAUNA IN GENERAL. I also have a limited knowledge of birds of Eastern North America. I am NOT A VETERINARIAN NOR A BIRD BREEDER so can not give any information regarding bird diet, nesting habits, chick raising, etc.

Roger Lederer

Any and all about WILD birds - the science of ornithology. Information about birdwatching, ecology, conservation, migration, behavior, banding, rehabilitation, feeding, songs, binoculars, identification, and careers in ornithology. No questions about pet or caged birds, please.

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2017-01-08 Northern Cardinal:

Hi James. The black feather does not indicate age, so we don't know how old this bird is. It's not unusual for birds to get used to people like this, but the danger is that they get so used to people they

2016-11-19 migratory birds:

Did you not get this answer?( I meant to say that to fully answer this question would take many pages of explanation.)    "As I said, this is a long and complicated answer whlch I answer fully in my book

2016-11-18 migratory birds:

As I said, this is a long and complicated answer whlch I answer fully in my book. But briefly, all birds respond to daylength as their clue for migration. No, they don't all start migration at the same

2016-11-17 migratory birds:

Depends on what you mean. Migration itself is an instinctive process so it is in their genes. But if you are asking how they know when to migrate, it has to do with day length. When the days get shorted

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