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Roger Lederer

Any and all about WILD birds - the science of ornithology. Information about birdwatching, ecology, conservation, migration, behavior, banding, rehabilitation, feeding, songs, binoculars, identification, and careers in ornithology. No questions about pet or caged birds, please.

Miguel Rodriguez

Long time enthusiast of birding, specifically of the birds of the island of HISPANIOLA (Dominican Republic and Haiti) in the CARIBBEAN. Also, some knowledge of CARIBBEAN FAUNA IN GENERAL. I also have a limited knowledge of birds of Eastern North America. I am NOT A VETERINARIAN NOR A BIRD BREEDER so can not give any information regarding bird diet, nesting habits, chick raising, etc.

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2017-03-19 Birds which cannot fly database.:

There are about 126 bird species that cannot fly. Birds became flightless because in their habitats there were few or no predators, so over evolutionary time, birds simply gave up flying. Yes, they cannot

2017-02-07 Bird Identification:

Sounds like American Robins to me. Robins winter all throughout the US, even up to Canada. I studied them in the snow in the Sierra Nevadas at 5000 feet in January. They are mistakenly considered  sign

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