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Robin Keister

I can answer questions about bird identification, avian physiology, avian conservation, avian genetics, bird song and music, and injured/ill/orphaned bird rehabilitation. I am not trained as a veterinarian and therefore can NOT answer questions about companion/pet bird injuries or diseases.

Roger Lederer

Any and all questions about WILD birds - not caged, domestic or poultry. Can answer questions about identification, taxonomy, behavior, courtship, plumage, flight, or anything else. Wild birds only, please.

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2016-11-14 Wild birds and abilities:

Jeffrey, these are very good questions but the answers are long and complex, so I'll just touch on a few points.  Bar-headed Geese regularly migrate over the Himalayas and fly at 7-8000 meters. They can

2016-09-27 Dove:

It might take a while for the proper nutrition to work, and there are bird vitamins you can add to the food or water, some specifically made for feather growth.  Providing full spectrum or UV lighting

2016-09-18 Baby doves:

If they are about three weeks old, they are out of the nest being taken care of by their parents. The very best thing to do is immediately release them where you found them, I know you mean well, but you

2016-09-14 Magpies.:

Magpies eat most anything so I can't tell you what attracts them to your yard. Don't "befriend" because if they get used to people, they invariably end up getting killed by a cat, dog, or kid with a BB

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