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Norman Solberg

I am an OB-GYN physician. I can answer almost any question related to women's health.

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2016-08-24 Cramping and birth control:

Hello Emily,  Birth control pills help to ease menstrual cramps in 90% of women who take them.  Sometimes women still get cramps, or get cramps when they did not before.  We don't know why.  Changing pills

2016-08-03 Yaz:

Hi Tatum,  It's true that blood clot risks are higher with Yaz, but the chance of blood clots are still very small, especially for a young, active girl like you.  If Yaz was really very dangerous, the

2016-08-01 Bc pills:

As long as a girl has begun her periods, birth control pills will not affect her height.  Microgestin1/20 wouldn't be my first choice to help with acne, but almost all birth control pill are usually helpful

2016-07-29 Birth control pills:

It's not bad for a 14 year old girl to go on the pill.  As long as she's having periods, she has the same hormones already coming from her ovaries.  The pill is also the best treatment we have for menstrual

2016-07-07 Switching birth controls:

Irregular bleeding is common with nexplanon, but since you have no bleeding with the shot, there is a pretty good chance you would have little or no bleeding with nexplanon, as long as you go right from

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