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Norman Solberg

I am an OB-GYN physician. I can answer almost any question related to women's health.

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2016-07-07 Switching birth controls:

Irregular bleeding is common with nexplanon, but since you have no bleeding with the shot, there is a pretty good chance you would have little or no bleeding with nexplanon, as long as you go right from

2016-07-04 No libido after taking contraceptive pill- Yasmin:

Libido and lack thereof is a complicated subject, and medicine doesn't have all the answers.  In my opinion, if Yasmin had caused the loss of libido, then stopping the Yasmin should have caused the libido

2016-06-20 Arm implant:

You don't say how long you've been having this bleeding, but it would be good to see your doctor for evaluation.  Irregular bleeding is the most common side effect of the implant, and that can include

2016-06-06 Already one month without period:

Dear Daniel,    It's not unusual that emergency contraception will cause a period to be late, but generally not a month late.  First I would do a pregnancy test.  As long as it's negative, there is no

2016-05-22 Abnormal bleeding:

Assuming that you've had routine Pap smears and exams, I think that it's very unlikely to be anythiing serious.  It's possible that you have developed some small fibroid tumors, which are very common during

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