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Norman Solberg

I am an OB-GYN physician. I can answer almost any question related to women's health.

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2016-12-01 Is there a chance I could be pregnant?:

Since you haven't really had intercourse, pregnancy is quite unlikely.  If he ejaculated into the vaginal opening, pregnancy may be possible, but it doesn't sound like he did.  You may have a more rigid

2016-11-30 Vaginosis and Side Effect of Ovules:

I suspect that your girlfriend may have developed an allergy to the medication in the ovules.  I would recommend stopping the ovules for now.  She could sit in warm water with epsom salts to get relief

2016-11-15 birth control pills:

As I understand your question, you previously began a new pack when you got to the placebo pills.  Now you'll take the placebo pills (during which your period will come), and then start the new pack after

2016-11-12 Migraines and birth control:

Hello Erin,  Sorry for the delay.  Migraines that come with periods are thought to be related to the drop in hormones that comes before a period, whether a normal one or while on the pill.  So often the

2016-09-28 Not sure if I'm in the right place:

The anal area is very sensitive, and needs to be handled gently.  Irritation there is fairly common.  Try to maintain normal, not hard bowel movements.  Dietary changes, regular bowel movements, drinking

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