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Elayne Glantzberg

I can answer questions related to Familial Exudative Vitreo-Retinopathy (FEVR), as well as more general questions concerning blindness in children.

Dr Mannu C Rajnani

I am a Laser Eye Surgeon specializing in LASIK-Excimer Laser to remove glasses permanently, Phacoemulsification-No stitch surgery to remove Cataract and insertion of Intraocular Lens, Glaucoma, Squint Surgeries, Laser for retina for hypertension and diabetes

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2017-01-29 Coloboma:

Because a coloboma is a birth defect and not a disease process, it generally does not cause further loss of vision later in life.  However, your opthalmologist is the best person to answer this question

2017-01-23 OCT:

DEAR ANIL    Thank you for asking query    Since it is mandatory for clinical examination in such cases, all  your queries and apprehensions will be answered once i clinically examine her       Dr Mannu

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