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I have expertise with answering questions about American board games since 1950. I have a special interest in family games. If I don't know an answer, I can assist with finding helpful resources. I am not an expert with answering wargame, eurogame and online board game questions.

Richard Q Davis

I can answer questions about many boardgames - rules questions, parts questions, name questions, how to modify your games, how to store games, which games to buy if you are on a budget, especially recommendations on which game to play or buy or give. I do not answer questions about online games.

Richard Rost

My expertise is with the board game AXIS & ALLIES. I have played the game since I was a baby, I have most of the different versions (classic, revised, Europe, etc.) and I can answer questions about game play and strategy.


My expertise is fairly broad on board games. I've been collecting board games since I was old enough to count and have over 700 games in my still growing collection. I spend my spare time playing and teaching games, including doing demonstrations at stores. I don't have much experience with wargames, but when it comes to American games and/or most Eurogames, I can offer advice of the concepts in a game, and what kinds of audiences it might appeal to.

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2016-11-18 Trying to find name of & info. on specific game:

Hi Teresa,  Thanks for your most interesting question.  I have continued to have an interest in games using a similar theme for many years.  I have discovered a number of games made by Milton Bradley that

2016-11-09 Don Matting Carrom Baseball Game:

See attached for scan of rules (two pages).    A simple roll dice and guess result to score points.    Contents:  1 felt Baseball field  1 bat  3 runner markers (blue)  4 scoring markers (2 white, 2 red)

2016-10-02 Tracking down game:

Hi Kristie,  Thanks for your interesting question about a game combination like the one you are describing.  There are numerous game combination games with various quantities of games, though this one

2016-09-22 Scrabble words by Field specialisation.:

Now I think you're going in a good direction... but with a few caveats.    First, restricting people to "Only fruits" is going to cause the same problem as the Capital letters... it would be too restrictive

2016-09-22 Scrabble words by Field specialisation.:

Hi Prashant, Thanks again for another great question.  Your idea about specific fields being used for words in Scrabble is already being done by the makers of Scrabble.  For example, there is a Pirates

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