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Amélia Leclerc

I can answer questions about the tours especially the "The Circle Tour" and about interviews. I can also answer questions about the songs (including B-Sides). And I can answer questions about their families (especially Jon Bon Jovi).


I own every studio album (my favourite admittedly being These Days), every lyric and a lot of information regarding almost every song. I'm knowledgeable in both Richie and Jon's solo careers, as well as a solid knowledge concerning any quirky questions about the band. I've read countless interviews and I have a ridiculously large collection of photos (from the early years right up to now).

Lucija Plantak

I know all of their lyrics and almost their every song. You can ask me anything about Jon, Richie, Tico and David, but not that much about Hugh, 'cause I don't know so much about him. But you can ask, and I'll TRY to find the answer. You can ask me anything about their work, albums and songs (the lyrics, the meanings, etc.), the tours and the set lists, etc.

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