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Claes-Gustaf Nordquist, M.D.

I`m a doctor of medicine and specialist in radiation therapy and medical oncology. I have a long time experience of these tumours.

maryann carrigan

I can give hope where there is none, I am a 14 year malignant grade 3 astrosytoma survivor. First diagnosed malignant and inoperable...I am sick and tired of reading there is no hope for a grade 3 or 4 brain tumor! I am literally LIVING PROOF there is HOPE!!!!

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2017-04-17 head rush:

You have had most of your symptoms for several years. That more or less rules out a brain tumor. You have also had an MRI scan done that did not show any tumor. That further supports that there is no tumor

2017-03-07 Last stages of brain tumor:

I am sorry for her and your situation! It is unfortunately impossible to tell you how long her coma will go on. It may go on for months. She may never wake up. This is not a common development but can

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