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Ralph Onesti

Anything to do with yeasted doughs: First off...Please do not include sensitive material and please do not set your question to "private". answers may benefit someone else with the same problem. Breads: sourdough, levain, rye, brioche, laminated doughs, French doughs, straight dough, enriched doughs, danish, etc.

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2016-09-21 Breading:

Hi James:    gluten free is not my area...but I did find these for you:    The best book on Gluten Free cooking is the following:

2016-09-01 Glutton:

Hi James:    Gluten is form as soon as moisture hits the flour.    It adds expandability and elasticity.    With no gluten, it is difficult to hold the product together.    Gluten free formulas are carefully

2016-07-09 Flatbread:

James:    Animal by product proteins is certainly not my area of expertise as a baker.    But I don't think you can re-unite separated proteins that evolve in separate areas.    The proteins will win over

2016-07-08 Flatbread:

James:    Whey was considered "waste" at one time.    In today's world, when the two milk proteins separate, the whey protein is poured off and sold to the Protein industry for protein bars and enrichment

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