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Ralph Onesti

Anything to do with yeasted doughs: First off...Please do not include sensitive material and please do not set your question to "private". answers may benefit someone else with the same problem. Breads: sourdough, levain, rye, brioche, laminated doughs, French doughs, straight dough, enriched doughs, danish, etc.

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2017-02-25 yeast:

Hi Swan:    I never understood the reasoning behind "waking up the yeast"!    If you use INSTANT YEAST, you add it directly to the mix! Rapid Rise is just a bit "slower".    Instant yeast is called that

2016-12-25 rolls falling:

HI Walter:    OK...let's see:    1. has this recipe worked for you before?    2. Proofing at 100 degrees is way, way, way too temp is fine. the yeast ate itself to death!    3. I believe they

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