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Claes-Gustaf Nordquist, M.D.

I`m a doctor of medicine and a specialist in radiation therapy and medical oncology. I have long experience in diagnostics and treatment of breast tumours.

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2016-10-16 Nipple Discharge:

As long as there is no blood in the discharge it is most unlikely!  You can improve the reliability of your examinations even further by also demanding 1. cytology of your discharge and 2. MRI breast scans

2016-10-15 Mammogram vs ultrasound results:

1. the 2 methods are different and "see" different things - or rather modalities. So this happens now and then. 2 impossible to tell without being able to look into the future. A woman has a chance of

2016-08-24 mammogram:

No not reslly. Acne is located in the skin, in the surface, of your breasts. Your breasts' glandular tissues - your milk glands - where cancer can develop, are deeper inside your breasts.        You can

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