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2016-08-27 2/1:

Hi,    With 10 points you would generally make a 3 card limit raise...1H-1NT-2C-3H...unless it is a really bad 10 point hand (4-3-3-3 or mostly queens and jacks).    With 6-9 (or a bad 10) most players

2016-08-16 Bridge question:

Hi,    There is no law that specifically addresses this scenario. However, it is covered by the law regarding an "opening Lead out of Turn". Obviously, as this fiasco unfolded, the first play was an opening

2016-08-13 revoke penalty:

Hi,    The penalty resulting from a revoke is never more than 2 tricks. The law states that    A. Rectification following a Revoke.    When a revoke is established: If the trick on which the revoke occurred

2016-08-09 Bridge rotation:

Hi,    Sorry for the long delay. I am unable to meet all of your conditions. Here is a movement for 12 pairs  in three different locations each month over an 8 month period. Assign each pair a number 1-12

2016-08-05 Marathon Sheduling:

Hi,    Assign each pair a number 1-11. Since there is an odd number, one pair will have to sit out each month. Complete rotation is for 10 months but you need only use 9.    Month    Pair Matchups    

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