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Alun Hill MCIJ

As a full time, UK based, travel journalist, I travel almost constantly around the whole of the UK, searching out restaurants, hotels and "must see" places. Visitors for both business and pleasure are welcome to ask questions. I almost always travel by public transport, so questions on rail, air and coach / bus travel are also very welcome. I also regularly write about and use the "Eurostar" rail service between London and Continental Europe - which uses a tunnel under the English Channel - so I am able to help with any questions there, too.


I have been traveling almost annually in England or Scotland as a tourist for the last 25 years, so I know quite a bit about train travel, car rental, B&Bs, tourist discounts, standard tourist sites, good places to eat, pubs, prices, and things to do off

David Cross

I should be most interested in questions on Yorkshire. Since I live in Yorkshire, I should not be able to contribute suggestions on accommodation and very few on restaurants. On the other hand I have walked a considerable amount in the Yorkshire Dales and the South Pennines and my job used to see me covering all parts of the county.


Having visited London a number of times in the past few years I am familiar with many of the old as well as new attractions to see. As a budget conscious traveler I have recommendations for restaurants as well as hotels which are good value for their money.I am also very knowledgible into websites which give information on hotels, sights etc in London. Feel free to contact me for any London info.

Willie Wallace

I live in Edinburgh and travel a lot, myself, in Scotland. I`m especially keen on the many beautiful and remote islands, whisky distilleries and golf and can help with travelling around and good places to stay. Also reknowned, locally, as an expert on Edinburgh pubs :o)

David Stewart White

I am an expert on travel to London, England and the United Kingdom. I can provide practical, up-to-date advice and information for anyone planning to visit London and Britain. I am the author of two guideooks: Beyond Downton Abbey A guide to great houses in Britain for fans of the popular Downton Abbey series, and anyone interested in the history, architecture, and family stories of great houses. The book explores 25 historic manor houses. Available from (eBook) and (paperback). The website for this publication is Let's Take the Kids to London - The fourth edition of the book is published by Roaring Forties Press (Berkeley CA). The book and eBook are available online from,, Apple iBookstore, and other booksellers. My website is I enjoy helping fellow travelers and welcome questions.

Bill Cissna

Traveler information on most parts of England (particularly if anyone is interested in narrowboating in the Midlands), southern Wales, southeastern Scotland (I am a U.S. resident).

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