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Zach Turner

I can tell people where to go and where to stay cheaply but still have the greatest experience of their lives. Specifically, I've backpacked in these areas: Australia, New Zealand, all over Europe, all over the US, Peru, Tanzania, Egypt, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Cambodia, and a bit in Mexico. I can answer virtually any question in regards to traveling to these regions and having a lot of bang for your buck. I can also answer budget travel questions in general about hostels, airfairs, transportation and the like. I cannot answer specific questions about traveling to regions outside that list or questions about specific hostels which I have not stayed at.

Gary C. Dunn

I can answer questions about where to travel and live rent-free in the US or other countries. I have been publishing rent-free living opportunities world-wide since 1983.

Stephen Tanenbaum

FREE GLOBAL & DOMESTIC TRAVEL which always beats discount travel. Over the years we have enjoyed free travel to such destinations as Africa, Israel, Australia, Brazil, France, New Zealand, Hawaii, England, Greece,Alaska, Spain and our lower 48. We have some experience using round-the-world air broker tickets. We have rented SIX Paris apartments for one month each, four one-month Barcelona apartment rentals, a one week apartment rental in Dublin, Ireland and the same on the Italian Riviera. Depending on your destination I may be able to offer sightseeing and general TIPS on travel related comfort, safety/convenience and day to day SAVINGS. Ex. Paris 1,016sq ft apt for $85/day. Since we travel Free 95% of the time I DO NOT OFFER ADVICE ON CHEAPEST, LOWEST PRICED AND/OR LAST MINUTE AIRLINE FARES. Such deals are best best found by diligent Google research plus reading the N.Y. and/or L.A. best in the U.S. Sunday Travel sections. FREE airline deals are usually not available to non-U.S. residents.


I can answer general questions on travel to Asia. From Northern India, and to the east. I know most about the Philippines and Thailand. I cannot answer questions south of Singapore.

Ralph Jackson

EUROPE: BUDGET LONG-STAY RENTALS NEAR LOW-COST AIRPORT HUBS. This is the theme of our project 'My Europe Base', sourcing scenic vibrant locations, attractive properties and low rates - and providing information to get travelers familiar with the possibilities (including the bargains), near and far. How to be able to live in the heart of Europe for 1-6 months and ready to take advantage of cheap fares to all corners of the Continent...

Brian F

I can answer a lot of questions about travel including driving tips, budgeting, packing, vehicle preparation, route ideas, things to see, and more.

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