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Bruce E. Johnson

I can answer any construction related question in regards to carpentry, concrete, drywall, masonry, structural elements of any type of building, residential or commercial. Interior or exterior.

Len Kroll

I can answer questions concerning log home design, manufacture, construction, maintenance/repair, restoration and insect control in log homes. I can also answer questions pertaining to wood properties, characteristics and performance as they relate to log home applications. Additionally, I can answer questions pertaining to residential construction and repair, some engineering and trade issues.

Martin Owen

Anything relating to the design and construction of extensions and loft conversions.

Dan Griffin

I can answer almost all questions related to the total construction process. My expertise is in commercial construction, though I can field most any residential question. I have hands on experience in concrete, heavy equipment, masonry, all phases of carpentry, interior finishes, and I am fairly strong in mechanical and electrical.

Diane Plesset

I will answer questions about designing and building a new home, building an addition, remodeling a home, sustainability ("green" building and remodeling), aging-in-place, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling. The goal is to help homeowners achieve ultimate satisfaction with all of their choices and decisions.

Scott Petrie

Anything related to design and construction in Canada particularly related to residential construction, custom homes and additions

Michael Curry

Carpentry and new home framing - insulation - drywall - roofing - foundations (block and poured) flooring (wood and ceramic) masonry While I build complete houses I am not qualified in plumbing or electrical.

Glen W

I can answer questions about the whole home building, additions and renovation processes. I am able to talk about finite hands on skills to budget and management areas.

Stephen Major (Owner--Major Design Group)

On Vacation
returns 04/12/2017
I can answer any questions regarding the design and construction of homes and additions. This includes trade-specific questions (how-to) in all major building trades: framing, foundations, site prep, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, water treatment, interior finishing, trim & cabinetwork, exterior finishing, roofing, siding. PLEASE indicate your state or region, so I can provide the best possible answer. PLEASE provide photos whenever possible.

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2017-03-17 t1-11 siding:

Hello there. Yes sealing the siding is a good idea. Any water or oil based sealant will work. I prefer water based for interiors. 2 coats will do the job. Chances are that the siding has pretty much off

2017-02-27 Tuck under garage:

Hi Tiffany, sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner.  I have company visiting.   Anyhow, not sure what you mean by " tuck under garage" but it sounds like you want the garage to take up the basement

2017-02-25 solar air Heating pros and cons:

Louisa,     This is a vast subject that does not lend itself to short answers. It sounds as if you already own a home and want to upgrade or add to what you have. One of the first decisions has to be whether

2017-02-17 Live Load for Room to Be Used as a Library:

Hello.    Your question is very interesting, because I'm working on a project where we have to get permits to convert an attic used for storage that my clients want to use as a living space. The building

2017-01-29 Outdoor Panels:

Hi Tom, as long as the frp panel is rated for exterior use.  As far as attaching to your aluminum framing goes, stainless or aluminum self tapping screws 3/4"-1" should work fine 8-12" apart.  Home Depot

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