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Am familiar with her discography of album and rare songs, also early demos, access to lyrics, basic biography and good knowledge of kate trivia. Don`t know all the answers but might know where to look!

Birgitte S.C.

career, songs, lyrics, personal life, age, Katemas, early years, youth, childhood, interviews, TV performances, Efteling Special, albums, demos, B-sides, books, Fred Vermorel, biographies, fans, Love-Hounds, fan clubs, internet sites about Kate Bush, Homeground, official fan club, fan mail address

Bryan Dongray

Lyrics, demos, and MIDI files

Lee Bastian

I can answer a most questions,especially in regards to Kate`s song and album titles , lyrics , song and lyric meanings as well as Kate Bush history and trivia.I am not at all up to speed on Kate`s demo recordings(I hope to find them on eBay sometime soon) but very informed on all studio albums!

Bush, Kate

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