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Constance Hoffman

As a professional coach, trainer and author I am here to be of assistance in matters of Office and Business Etiquette. My company, Social and Business Graces provides individual or group training to better your presentation skills, verbal and written communication, office manners,social branding, and much more. How you present yourself in the business world is of great importance to your company as you are an extension of them. I will anser your questions for you to gain confidence by placing your best foot forward.


I am already an expert volunteer in the field of massage therapy but would like to extend a helping hand to those whose concerns are into business ethics especially for those doing business or contemplating on a business in the Philippines. Hope to be of help.

Jay Remer

I am happy to answer questions about interpersonal matters such as invitations, introductions, event planning and protocol.

Sharon Schweitzer, JD

Business Etiquette questions related to domestic and international business, including executive manners, email, customer service, greetings, gift-giving, contract negotiation, dining styles, cross-cultural communication and marketing across cultures.

Cynthia W. Lett

Author of "That's So Annoying - An Etiquette Expert On The World's Most Irritating Habits And What To Do About Them" . One of the few Certified Etiquette Professionals (CEP) and Certified Protocol Professionals(CPP) earned by examination through the International Society of Protocol & Etiquette Professionals ( I will be happy to answer your questions about business or social etiquette, international customs or protocol issues.

Amanda Gamble

I will answer any type of social etiquette questions. I am an avid collector of etiquette books from the mid 19th century to present day. Will give friendly advice on any situation you`d care to ask about.

Denise Anne Taylor

Business Etiquette | Career Strategies (resume, job interview, job search)| Conflict Management and more. Do not allow career limiting behavior to sabotage your ability for workplace success. Ask the questions that will get you ahead! How can I help you?

Vicky Oliver

I am an expert on traditional American business etiquette, including dining rules and regulations for the 21st century, making a good first impression (and how to fix a bad one), meeting etiquette, conversational tips, and dressing for success. I also have written about new media etiquette--how to use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to enhance your professional reputation. I am not an expert on wedding etiquette or international business etiquette.

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2017-01-12 Follow up to coffee meeting invitation:

Dear Merinna,    Thank you for your question.  My short answer is Pick Up The Phone!  Call your designer and set up a meeting.  Know that if you do the inviting, you pay.  But,  it 's a small price to

2016-12-07 Holiday etiquette question:

Good afternoon Mary,     Thank you for contacting me. Radio is so much fun!  I would be delighted to work with you and Mathew Blades in the morning.   Do you have specific dates in mind? Please share your

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