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Manish Batola

Can provide help/insight on Business Process Management, Process Re-Engineering and the Applications Environment that support this beautiful concept. Retrieving process performance information from modeling or monitoring phase and identifying the potential or actual bottlenecks and potential rooms for cost savings or other improvements and then applying those enhancements in the design of the process thus continuing the value cycle of business process management.

Darrin Devereaux

I help executives, business leaders, project managers (champions) and business analysts answer: 1. How do I improve business processes? 2. How to write good business processes? 3. How to reengineer business processes? 4. How do I measure process improvement? 5. How do I plan a business process reengineering project?

Lee Lister

Business and IT based questions. 25+ years project management. 16 years Programme Management much of it in a business change environment. I am currently an expert in 3 business areas on this site so can answer BPR questions in a business environment. I do not answer any legal, tax or accountancy questions - you should see your own professional adviser about these. If you can't be bothered to read and rate my answers - I can't be bothered to answer them!

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