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Killara Springdale

I specialize in cooking treats and meals in the fewest possible steps. I cook Western style food and specialize in healthy home meals and easy baking. I can share cooking short cuts and still produce a delicious meals.

Becki Robins

My specialty is freezer cooking for expectant parents. I can answer questions about freezer cooking in general (what will/won't freeze well, how long can something be frozen for, what is a good freezer recipe for a particular ingredient or cuisine etc.) and I can also help expectant moms put together a freezer cooking plan based on their own situation (energy level, trimester etc.)


I can answer various questions on waterless/greaseless cooking. I am also a working mom, so I have lots of experience in cooking on the run.

Sandra Williams

I can help with improvising ingredients in meals and have over twenty years of cooking experience. I could help make meals more flavorful with spices and am good at stretching main meals to feed several people. Some favorites are baking cookies, muffins, pies and squares, but have not perfected yeast breads.

Samantha Gillihan

Cooking tasty and well-balanced meals while balancing a busy schedule. Eating can be more satisfying when you know the ingredients and can adjust tastes to your own palate and I like helping even the busiest of people find enjoyment in eating well at home. Quick substitutions, modifications for picky eaters and preparing meals in advance are areas that I deal with every day. While I encourage healthy, well-balanced eating, I am not a nutritional expert and cannot answer questions regarding proper foods for restricted diets, recommended caloric intake or weight-loss issues.

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