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I have nearly two decades of experience in IT, computer repair, and related fields and will attempt to provide the most solid, brand-agnostic advice when it comes time to purchase a new computer, or upgrade an existing machine. I can answer anything from the seemingly basic to the downright complicated - and will do my best to provide this information in a clear and concise manner.

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2017-04-01 New Computer:

For the usage you've described (basically "web browsing" summarizes it all), Windows would work just fine, as would other operating systems, like Apple's OS X. Generally I do suggest Dell for the Windows

2017-03-31 New Computer:

Can you provide more information about your current system? Computers do not "slow down" with age (as in, there is no mechanical wear-and-tear to contend with), however can easily pick up a variety of

2017-03-17 Toshiba Satellite M45 Laptop*:

Can you provide more information about the system's specifications, and what operating system it is running, and what tasks are leading you to the conclusion that it is "very slow" (e.g. is it a specific

2017-03-16 Processors:

What do you mean by "series 6"? Can you provide a specific model number?    In modern Intel marketing-speak, Pentium has been re-imagined as a "mid range" offering, above ultra-efficient or low-cost offerings

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