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Steven Taylor

Canadian stocks, including growth and resource companies.

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2016-09-27 Old Stock Certificates:

Kent, from the information I have available:    Dovercliff was dissolved in the early 1970's. No value.    Trojan was dissolved in the 1960's. No value.    Ordala had its charter cancelled and was dissolved

2016-09-26 Peter Isand Resources Inc.:

Aurele, from the information I have available, Peter Island had a 1 for 10 reverse split and became Tri-Vision. Tri-Vision was subsequently acquired by Wi-Lan, and Tri-Vision holders received about 0.25

2016-09-24 Stock Certificates:

Tom, from the information I have available, Obongo was a private company and its shares were not publicly traded. Therefore, I have no information on what happened to the Company. I suggest you try contacting

2016-09-21 United Grain Growers Limited.:

Michelle, from the information I have available, the Company merged with Agricore, then Agricore was later acquired by Saskatchewan Wheat Pool and renamed Viterra. Viterra was acquired by Glencore in 2012

2016-09-20 Old Stock Certificates:

Vernon, from the information I have available, Norlac had numerous name changes and reverse splits and became Leader Capital. Due to all those reverses, Leader had too many small shareholders so they did

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