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Expertise: Questions about installing/using car alarms, auto starts, and other car security devices. I am the owner of ALARMTEK AUTO SECURITY and have been on the internet since 1994, providing online installation tech support for professional and backyard installers.

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2016-10-28 Chapman Auto Alarm circa 2002:

ok,  need you to look inside the fuse door to see if the installer mounted  the valet switch in there. Short of that, removal and repair is next.  I actually suggest you do that anyway since from what

2016-10-27 Chapman Auto Alarm circa 2002:

Interesting. It may be hidden away just out of sight. Have a look at the pic I included to see if you can possibly locate it. Some installers don't put them in. That's shoddy and bad news for you, but

2016-10-25 Chapman Auto Alarm circa 2002:

Ok, try this.   Put the key in the ignition, and turn forward   all the way just before cranking. Then within   5 seconds, locate, press and hold in the   valet/overide button, found under the   dash area

2016-09-26 sidewinder 5000 operation/malfuction?:

Never heard of the "C & E" Take a pic and post it here for me to review.  If the vehicle has a post 1998 Chevy engine, then it has a PASSLOCK inhibitor  in the ignition that shuts off the fuel rail to

2016-09-25 sidewinder 5000 operation/malfuction?:

I am leaning towards the new engine put it since it's a chevy.  Tell me about the engine replacement.  did you also replace the ignition switch harness?  The reason I ask is it sounds like a passlock breach

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