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Expertise: Questions about installing/using car alarms, auto starts, and other car security devices. I am the owner of ALARMTEK AUTO SECURITY and have been on the internet since 1994, providing online installation tech support for professional and backyard installers.

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2017-01-13 anti theft:

Ok, describe to me what is going off when you open the  door. Is it a 6 tone siren or the car horn blarring?  Headlights or parking lights flashing?    If it's the latter, the factory alarm arms and disarms

2017-01-04 97infinityj30 alarm active car won't start:

a "factory alarm" would not stop the vehicle from starting.  It would honk the horn and flash the headlights, but you can start it.    My bet is you may be unaware there is an after market alarm in it

2017-01-04 97infinityj30 alarm active car won't start:

Sure, let's try to put it into valet/service mode.    Look under the dash area for a button or, a toggle  switch. When you locate it, turn on the ignition  key, press and hold in the button (little  spring

2016-10-28 Chapman Auto Alarm circa 2002:

ok,  need you to look inside the fuse door to see if the installer mounted  the valet switch in there. Short of that, removal and repair is next.  I actually suggest you do that anyway since from what

2016-10-27 Chapman Auto Alarm circa 2002:

Interesting. It may be hidden away just out of sight. Have a look at the pic I included to see if you can possibly locate it. Some installers don't put them in. That's shoddy and bad news for you, but

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