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Rusty Meyers


Hyunjin Jo

Topics relating to independent motion picture production.

Gai Jones

I can answer the following questions: How can I choose the right college to study Theatre Arts? How can I prepare a monologue for audition? What do I need to study to become a Theatre educator? How can I use Theatre techniques in leadership positions? How can I implement ensemble Theatre experiences for class/cast/staff development? I prefer not to answer any questions about agent recommendations.

Peter Messaline

This is the place for Canadian answers! My company runs "The Advisors", a Toronto-based career-power network for performers, producers and entertainment artists of all sorts. I am a performer, and I have not had a joe-job in the last thirty-odd years, so I must be doing something right. I can talk about career moves, self-promotion, self-production, and the business sense that turns your art into a living.

Christy Murphy

I can answer questions regarding stand-up comedy--performing, writing, starting a comedy night, and career advice.

Kitty Kavey

I can answer questions from those looking to get into the fashion or commercial modeling industry. Specifically, the requirements, what is needed, how to find an agent, what they look for, how to avoid scams, the difference between what a commercial model does, and a fashion model, would travel/relocation be required, what is on a comp card and in your portfolio.

Kenneth D. Plonkey

Questions about acting and directing. Questions about getting started in a careeer. Questions about training and schooling for actors.

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2016-09-26 musical theater studies follow up:

Yes, I understand the chicken and the egg dilemma.  That doesn't leave you many choices.  You could look for musical theater training in your home country.  That would solve the problems of visas and financial

2016-08-31 follow up >>.:

Since both of your choices are in NY and LA, and presumably cost a similar amount between the cities, you could consider other factors.  One would be the weather.  Some people prefer the mild climate of

2016-08-31 follow up >>.:

New York has more to offer in the way of theater arts than LA, although there are top schools in both areas.  You can use a list from the Internet such as:

2016-08-30 is this considered performing arts:

Traditionally Canada has been easier to get into than Australia, although I do not know which might be the more expensive of the two - it probably depends on the city you choose.  While Canada draws some

2016-08-29 is this considered performing arts:

Yes, I understand that the study would be in English, however, you may want to have a part-time job, or go off-campus.  Presumably you would be doing your own grocery shopping, and would be expected to

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