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Gianina L.

I can answer questions concerning most traditional mediums such as acrylics, watercolor, colored pencils, collage/cut paper, graphite, charcoal, and pen and ink. I also have strong, advanced knowledge of Photoshop, Powerpoint and Publisher; and beginner to immediate level knowledge in Illustrator, Freehand, After Effects, and Flash. In addition, I can cover miscellaneous subjects such as portfolio preparation, applying to art schools, art school study skills, color theory, basic design and drawing principles, basic animation techniques, working on personal art styles and exploring new artistic techniques. Topics such as the detailed legal aspects of art, web programming and Flash action scripting do not fall under my area of expertise.

DJ Murphy

Artist for more than 35 years...current art gallery owner, served on Arts Councils...have many contacts in the art world...can be resource for artists trying to get exhibited...common questions about pricing, submissions, insurance, etc. Long time artist, art gallery owner, consultant. If I don't know the answer to your question....I will tell you!!


I can offer tips of how to use materials as well as different techniques to try out. I'd be happy to answer questions regarding illustration, technique, materials, offer tips or questions about art in general.

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2016-09-27 research for suitable musical dramatic school:

 Hi Ahmed,    In my last message I told you that your questions are beyond my range of expertise, and I gave you a link to the experts who specialize in educational grants.    I can't do anything more

2016-09-26 which kind of arts I love ?:

Hello again,    Like I said in my first message, I'm not an educator, so your question is a little out of my field of expertise. You'd get more in the way of facts and answers if you were to contact a

2016-08-29 which kind of arts I love ?:

Hi there,    I'm not an educator, so your question is a little out of my field of expertise.     To the best of my knowledge, higher education doesn't give out scholarships, unless you are already enrolled

2016-08-16 What does a gallery look for?:

Good to know you are on the road back to recovery, and to learn of your artist group for  sharing INFO and encouragement.    When does any artist know their ready....?  Good question, and it isn't one

2016-07-26 Approaching a gallery:

The gallery in question asks a standard question, as you mentioned it is a "business".  I'd be up front with them and say you selected them as your first gallery to exhibit your work.  The question about

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