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Tom Mallinson

Any queries about Paramedic careers within the UK.

Marcus LaBarbera

I am available to answer most questions related to: first aid, pre- hospital medicine, EMT and Paramedic questions, CC-EMTP Course offered through UMBC, medical transport, critical care transport, ICU/CCU care, sedation, and medicine in general.

Jim Wilson

I can answer questions regarding training, education, and experiences as well as providing some incite into the world of Emergency Medical Services.

Charles Sabo

I can answer any questions regarding the field of EMS. I have several years in the field and have a lot of experiences to share. Thinking about a career in EMS ask me. Not sure if you did something correct on a patient ask me.

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2016-11-18 Accident:

Hello Hima,    Pulse oximetry(SPO2) is not necessarily accurate especially in shock conditions (periods of reduced blood flow). I wouldn't use SPO2 as an indicator of trauma. You may want to look at deceleration

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Careers: EMT/Emergency Medical Technicians

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