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Diane, RN

I can answer questions about acute illness and critical care situations, as well as end of life, hospice, palliative care. I can also answer questions about healthy lifestyle choices and the possible outcome of some not so healthy choices.


I can answer questions regarding all aspects of Nursing as a career in general. If you need help deciding if nursing is a career for you, then let me help you with your decision. As an added bonus, I can answer your questions from the perspective of being a man in nursing who has a wife that is also a nurse. Men is nursing is more accepted today than it was when I began in 1993. Regardless of your gender, Nursing has so much to offer and is among the most respected professions of our time. I have been a registered nurse since 1993 and have been certified in Critical Care nursing since 1996. I am currently a full-time Critical Care Ground Transport Nurse/Mobile Intensive Care Nurse(MICN). I am working per diem as a night Shift Administrator/Nursing Supervisor.

Violet Argo RN

I can answer questions related to terminal illness and hospice care, such as pain and symptom management. Hospice care is very personal and rewarding.

Efoghor Joseph Ezie

I can answer questions on general nursing, nursing career and nursing practice.

Deb RN

I can answer questions about nursing practice in the following areas: medical, surgical, intensive care, emergency care, dialysis, and nursing administration.

Irma G., RN, CNOR(e), DABFN, fellow ACFEI

I am an experienced forensic nurse examiner and have done cases relating to domestic violence, sexual assault and elder abuse in the state of California. I've consulted nationally and internationally, for the Undersecretary of Health (Veterans Administration) and for the region of Novgorod, Russia (300,000 people)in a forensic capacity. I can answer question having to do with forensic nursing, operating room nursing (scrub & circulate), intensive care and aeromedical flight nursing. I also have vast military nursing experience in peace time and war time and have over 18 years in VA Hospital experience. I have lectured on forensic awareness, domestic violence and sexual assault. I have experience as a nurse manager and preceptor. I have developed new grad programs for ICU and managed them successfully. I have been a patient advocate & consultant, answering questions in plain English, to unravel and gap the patient-doctor relationship and the mystery of the medical world "lingo".

Alex Woodruff, RN MSN CCRN

My expertise is in Pediatric Critical Care - both PICU and Congenital Cardiac ICU. I provide care for the most critically ill children and I am a strong believer in family centered care. I have worked in this field for 19 years in the UK and the USA. Prior to ICU work I staffed in pediatric orthopedics, spinal surgery and general surgery. I am happy to answer questions pertaining to any area of pediatric nursing. I will also answer questions about nursing in the USA (as a foreign nurse) and will happily give readers the perspective of a male nurse in a predominantly female workplace.

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