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Carlo Segre

I can answer most questions about studying physics in college and graduate school; questions about condensed matter physics; x-ray physics; synchrotron radiation; and general and modern physics. I can also answer questions about careers in academia.

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2016-08-13 Help:

Aishwarya:    Let me present an analogy.  If we define birds as living animals with feathers, beaks, and wings, why do we have names for individual kinds of birds.  Swans, gees, swallows, penguins, and

2016-08-06 help:

You really need to formulate your question more carefully.  It seems to me that you are simply repeating the same question again.  I do not see how I can answer it any differently than what I have already

2016-07-25 help:

Hi Apsara:    Matter is the technical term for protons, neutrons, electrons and everything made up of them.  This includes gases, liquids and all solids as well as all forms of life.  Of course we have

2016-07-23 help:

Dear Apsara:    Unfortunately, your question is not very clear.  Yes, matter has mass and occupies space but it is not everything that is around us.  Light is not matter and it clearly exists as an aspect

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