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James J. Kovalcin

I am teaching or have taught AP physics B and C [calculus based mechanics & electricity and magnetism] as well as Lab Physics for college bound students. I have a BS in Physics from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master of Arts in Teaching from same. I have been teaching physics for 27 years.

Dr Mohd Tariq Salman

I can answer questions on Medical education, especially newer methods of teaching and learning and evaluation in medical sciences such as Problem Based Learning, Computer Assisted Learning, OSPE, and alternatives to animal experimentation for teaching, especially in the subject of Pharmacology.

Bonnie Shimmin

I can answer questions about teaching and learning in grades K-8, having taught all those grades. As a former principal I can discuss techniques and responsibilities in administration of public schools. I am especially familiar with California laws and educational history. I have no personal knowledge or experience with home schooling or private schools.

Ruth Herman Wells

I can answer questions on students' bad behavior, bad attitudes, work refusal, truancy, delinquency, disrespect, poor motivation, and any social, emotional, or behavioral problem. I can cover grades K-12. I can't answer questions on academic content. Additional details for all the queries below can be found on our site,

Debba Robinson

On Vacation
returns 02/01/2017
I can answer questions about reading at all levels, English as a Second Language, elementary math, science and social studies as well as general education matters. Individuals interested in teaching in international schools can contact me for information on how to begin the process of looking for jobs overseas.

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