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Amanda J Evans

As a freelance writer I can answer any questions you might have on becoming a freelance writer, writing for the web, setting up your own freelance writing business, SEO article writing, copywriting, website content, ebooks, finding freelance writing jobs, and much more. I DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS LOOKING FOR RE-WRITES.

Greg Miller

I can answer questions about writing and the creative process in any form or genre. I have been a writer and writing coach and teacher for 15 years, working with NY Times bestselling authors and absolute beginners on memoirs, screenplays, TV scripts, solo shows, personal essays and standup comedy.

Cathy Clamp

I'm happy to answer questions about any aspect of writing articles, short stories and novels, from the beginning kernel of an idea through completion. I can help with writing a query letter and synopsis to an agent or editor. I can explain publishing terminology and acronyms. I can also assist with questions about verifying the credentials of agents/publishers and how to proceed once you've been accepted for publication. I can teach the rules of formatting a manuscript, creating viable plots, characterization and flow in the following genres: romance, science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, suspense, horror, women's fiction, mainstream and mystery. I can also answer questions about writing for major print magazines in the outdoor genre (hunting/fishing/boating/travel.)

Susan Rand

General writing questions fiction and non-fiction, having to do with creating characters, plotting, outlines, description, organization, how to start, how to keep going, how to finish, ePublishing, creating a website to display your work, etc.

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