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Christopher Littrell

I am capable of answering questions about the most common carnivorous plants found in cultivation. I have no personal experience with Byblis, Drosophyllum, Aldrovanda, and Heliamphora. I have not cultivated gemmae forming pygmy sundews nor tuberous sundews. For information regarding those aforementioned species, I would suggest contacting other experts. I can answer questions regarding most species of Nepenthes, tropical and temperate Drosera, Mexican Pinguicula, Sarracenias, and Dionaea. I have some limited experience with growing Utricularia, Cephalotus, and Darlingtonia.

Sarracenia Northwest

If your carnivorous plant is showing poor growth, discoloration, abnormal leaves or possible infestation, the expert growers at Sarracenia Northwest can help! They have a great depth of experience dealing with diseases, pathogens, and abnormal growth in carnivorous plants.

Before submitting your question, please read their care guides on their main website. Many issues can be addressed by simply adjusting your growing conditions as recommended in the care guides. Click here to read the care guides.

Over 8,800 questions answered since 2005!

We have been growing thousands of Venus flytraps and carnivorous plants for many years and can help provide any sort of care guidance for Venus flytraps and many other carnivorous plants.

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2017-01-10 Did we kill the pitcher plant?:

Hi Melba,    The short answer is yes. :(  Say some final words.    This is a classic case of where carnivorous plants are not a "One size fits all" proposition.  They are very diverse, and pitcher plant

2017-01-09 Various questions to hibernation:

Hi JP,    Happy New Year to you as well, and thank-you.    With your Flytraps, freezing in water isn't a problem for them.  It will actually prevent dehydration.  However, if your plants are flooded all

2017-01-08 My Nepenthe isn't growing pitchers?:

Hi Morgan,    It looks like you may have a couple things going on here that could be interfering with your plant producing pitchers.  I read your entry a few times to try and put together a picture of

2016-12-25 Question about winterizing Venus flytrap:

Hi Mihajlo,    Thanks for clarifying that. I understand now.  The outer windowsill looks fine for most of the winter.  If you do get a harder cold spell, that balcony area is a great option.  Once the

2016-12-23 Question about winterizing Venus flytrap:

Hi Mihajlo,    I'm a bit confused here.  I think what you're describing as a terrace and what we frequently think of as a terrace in the US may be different.  Let me ask you this.  Is the plant outside

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