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We have been growing thousands of Venus flytraps and carnivorous plants for many years and can help provide any sort of care guidance for Venus flytraps and many other carnivorous plants.

Christopher Littrell

I am capable of answering questions about the most common carnivorous plants found in cultivation. I have no personal experience with Byblis, Drosophyllum, Aldrovanda, and Heliamphora. I have not cultivated gemmae forming pygmy sundews nor tuberous sundews. For information regarding those aforementioned species, I would suggest contacting other experts. I can answer questions regarding most species of Nepenthes, tropical and temperate Drosera, Mexican Pinguicula, Sarracenias, and Dionaea. I have some limited experience with growing Utricularia, Cephalotus, and Darlingtonia.

Sarracenia Northwest

If your carnivorous plant is showing poor growth, discoloration, abnormal leaves or possible infestation, the expert growers at Sarracenia Northwest can help! They have a great depth of experience dealing with diseases, pathogens, and abnormal growth in carnivorous plants.

Before submitting your question, please read their care guides on their main website. Many issues can be addressed by simply adjusting your growing conditions as recommended in the care guides. Click here to read the care guides.

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2016-10-15 pinguicula identification:

Hi James,    Is the flower on this one truly as blue as it looks in the photo?  There is a strain of P. agnata called "True Blue" and this might be one.  What kind of light is your plant getting?  P. agnata

2016-10-15 sick Nepenthes Sanguinea:

Hi Michele,    That wilted look is a sure sign of root rot, and if the plant was sitting in water for long periods, it will definitely cause that.  It doesn't look too far gone, so I would keep the soil

2016-10-12 Information on a non-cracking container from Freezes:

Hi Cheri,    Could you do a follow-up to this question and include a photo of what you are currently doing with your plants.  I'm confused by your description of what your current set-up looks like.  

2016-10-12 Bug demon hungry:

Hi Major Scott,    Thank-you.  We really try to make them useful.  I'm sad to say that our little Max dog with the mohawk passed away a couple years ago from congestive heart failure. :(    I think you

2016-10-07 lighting distance:

Hi John,    Start at 12" away from the plant, then watch how it does.  If you are getting lots of dew, and the leaves are red, you've got it.  If they are staying green, then move closer.  With T-5 you

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