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I can answer questions concerning the care and grooming of cats.

Kate Tilmouth

I can answer most day to day cat problems encountered by owners. I have a good understanding of cat behaviour and problems which may arise from changes to their daily routine. I can advise on cat training including litter training and general day to day cat care issues. I am not a vet and therefore cannot answer medical questions.

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2016-12-22 Nightly routine:

Hi  Night time is when cats are usually most active in the wild. So even though we want to go off to bed they are ready for hunting etc.    My cats are the same, bed time for me means game time for them

2016-11-14 Kitten Pee:

Hi  Cats use their urine for scent marking. Even neutered cats will do this.    It could be that there was s something in the room that was new or he may simply have felt that he could smell the other

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