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Doug Adams, Ph.D.

When it comes to celibacy/abstinence, I am more likely to point out the downside of being sexually abstinent. I don't advocate abstinence as a long-term sexual lifestyle. Abstinence is a good thing when the alternative is being sexual in an indiscreet manner, but it is a bad thing when a healthy sexual lifestyle of being monogamous with a partner is available. I frequently answer questions in the masturbation and male masturbation categories on I take all questions pertaining to sexuality.


Questions concerning the practice of 'Brahmacharya' to know the self, & the means required are dealt with here.

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2016-09-28 Asana Sequence:

These will do. The breathing is to be slow, gradual and smooth, with 'Puraka' (Inhalation) during upward (expanding) movements, 'Rechaka' (Exhalation) during downward (contracting) movements and 'Kumbhaka'

2016-09-20 Queries regarding business:

"Inwardly calm and uninvolved, yet externally displaying various emotions, play in the world O Raghava" -- The Yoga Vaasistam    As told by Sage Vasista to Rama, on how to deal with the world.

2016-09-18 Sadhana questions:

1. One can bathe after completing the Yoga Sadhana.    2. Each of the 3 'Bandha-s' are to be performed 3 times. The duration of 'Kumbhaka' (Holding of breath) for each should be within 3 seconds.    3

2016-09-17 Celibate....for now:

Connie (for name sake),    You don't owe anything sexually or otherwise to a man you've never met.   You have no duty of fidelity or chastity to Lee because you're chatting with him on a dating site, or

2016-09-17 Urine Infection and Sensation around upper left back:

1. It is important to practice proper transmutation and not merely let the vital force stagnate. The complete Yoga Sadhana with required physical, mental activity in real life helps one achieve the same

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