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I can answer questions on partner stunts, dismounts, basket tosses, choreography, pyramids, jumps, motions, chants, and formations. I can answer questions on tryouts, coaching, general cheerleading, etc. I cannot answer questions on co-ed stunts/pyramids or tumbling. Aside from these areas I can usually answer, or direct you to an answer, on any other topic.


I am able to answer questions about flying, tryouts, practices, stunts, and pretty much most about cheerleading. However Tumbling is not my best factor in cheer, so I would prefere no questions about tumbling due to the fact of: I want to be able to provide you with the best answer as possible.

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2016-07-17 stunting:

Halle, let me start by telling you, you're not the first to worry about this! The first time I had to do a basket toss I was so nervous I was literally sick! I'd been flying for 4 years by that time and

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