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Richard McGaughey

I can answer questions on making cheese at home. My name is Rich McGaughey. I am a native of Denver and still live there. I have been making cheese for over 30 years. I have 6 brothers and sisters , we grew up in the country with a rich tradition of self sufficiency. I learned the concept that cheese can be made from milk from my family , growing up. But in the early 80s I ran into a fledgling commune who enlisted my help using up the milk from 5 cows. So it was books that got me really making cheese. About 7 years ago I began to teach a cheese making class to keep myself busy in retirement. Itís really been a lot of fun . I have made a commitment to make cheddar every month and have kept it for 3 years or so. I have made lots of soft cheeses, mozzarella, gruyere , blue , gouda and brie. My current goal is to make a consistent blue using the mold from the previous cheese.


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