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Jo Ann

I can answer most questions as they relate to health, behavior, new home adjustment, litter box training, new puppy care, fear aggression, separation anxiety, new vaccination protocols, medications to avoid, the latest developments in veterinary medicine, the most common medical problems seen in this breed and the effects of bad and irresponsible breeding. I can also speak to common personality traits of this breed due to vast experience with a great number of Chihuahuas and Chihuahua owners. I am not, however, a breeder of Chihuahuas and claim no experience in that area and DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS THAT HAVE TO DO WITH BREEDING -you need to check with a qualified veterinarian if you plan to breed your Chihuahua or if your Chihuahua is having problems with a pregnancy or you're having problems with pups that you bred - this is not the proper forum to address those issues and a delay in seeking proper medical treatment can have grave consequences for your dog.


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