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Andrew Reich

I can answer questions in regard to quality control and manufacturing in Asia, social compliance and factory auditing in Asia, buying product from China, consumer product lab testing and benchmarking, dealing with Chinese suppliers, business travel in China and sourcing products internationally.

Navjot Singh

I am a British photojournalist and travel correspondent based in Guangzhou. I have lived and worked in China for over 10 years, and have authored three books on travel to China (for relocation, leisure or business). I specialize in luxury travel and have an expert knowledge for relocation to China for expats, airline PR, luxury hotel PR, and also remote villages, and ethnic minority culture. I speak Mandarin Chinese.

Min-Fu Chien

Living in Taipei. Finding budget accommodations,showing around Taipei city. Cafes,Theatres. As well as countriysides.

Mike Dodds

I can answer general business questions on dealing with Chinese suppliers and customers. I can also answer questions about project management, human resources and general marketing. Areas include automotive, import-export, hydro-power, injection molding, quality, not for profit/NGO and others.

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