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I can answer questions about which modalities are effective, and which are less effective, or outright quackery. I can answer questions about which modalities have a spiritual component, and explain why they do. I can advise Christians on which modalities they can practice without violating their faith. I can locate resources, that will help a person find a practitioner. I can help a person figure out what questions to ask of a practitioner, and what kind of practitioner to seek. I can also recommend internet resources for various health problems. I can discuss various martial arts, explain the theories behind them, and explain which require a spiritual component, and which rely on physical forces for their effectiveness. I have studied various religions for a number of years, and can talk about meditation techniques from a Christian point of view.

Dorene Petersen

I can answer questions related to the process of accreditation, legal issues relating to accreditation, accreditation and transfer of credit, accreditation and military funding, the benefits of accreditation for students and the distance learning community, how potential students can learn more about and verify accreditation, the philosophy of distance learning, the development of distance learning, distance learning and curriculum design, as well as questions relating to holistic health and holistic health education, including: Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Herbalist, naturopathy, aromatherapy, herbalism, homeopathy, flower essences, iridology, holistic nutrition, wellness consulting, and phytotherapy.

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2017-03-01 Chronic sinusitis or Cyrtociccal infection?:

Hello, deb,    I can't advise you medically, but I can tell you what I would do in a case like that. I would take milk thistle for my liver. I would try to eliminate any toxins from my environment: household

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