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Todd Johnson

I can help students and families understand the whole college admissions process from evaluating what a student wants from a college to finding the right college. This includes advising on the college application, the essay, recommendations and visiting colleges. I also can help families understand college financial aid. I have particular expertise in helping students who are applying to BS/MD programs.

Joon Kim

I can help with all questions related to education, including college admissions related questions. I can also help in the areas of motivation, learning strategies, and topics that may be categorized under educational psychology. However, don't expect me to have the secrets to getting into your school of your dreams, because they don't exist. I can provide answers to help you better navigate through our educational system in the US. I cannot answer questions related to international educational systems and policies. My expertise is mainly in the areas of letters, arts, and sciences, with specialty in pre-health. Humanities and the arts are beyond the scope of my expertise.

Sue Kayton

I can help with recommendations for high school students interested in math / science oriented fields at the highly-selective universities.

Abhimanyu Garg

I can give tips related to career counselling of Indian engineering and management colleges. I can portray the recent trends, give a real picture and on what parameters should an individual select a college.

Susie Watts

I have spent more than 20 years helping students select colleges and advising them in all areas of the college admission process

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