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mervyn caplan

South Africa
Esoteric Christianity, Christian Hermeticsism based on anthroposophy


taking questions on Christian Hermeticism and Christian contemplative traditions, the Enneagram, meditation, contemplation, active imagination, dreamwork, alchemy, Jungian studies, Integral spirituality, Ecozoic spirituality, Interspirituality, Antinomianism, Ranterism, Panentheism, Asceticism, Buddhist-Christian dialogue, Monasticism, Gnosticism, Jewish-Christianity, Asceticism, Christian Vegetarianism, Christian Heretics, Saints & Mystics, Hesychasm, et al....

Hoyt Roberson

I can address general questions specifically about Christian mysticism, and more specific questions about writers and their writings, spiritual formation and direction, and how Christian mysticism "fits" within the Christian view. Further, I can draw connections and illustrate commonalities among Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Zen spiritualities. I am not an expert on and will not answer questions about other forms of mysticism, or the occult. If your question has to do with Christian mysticism, I'll be happy to respond.

Michael Clark, Ph.D.

I can probably be of assistance to those who feel they don't easily fit into the existing methods, molds or patterns usually associated with Christian mysticism.

I may comment on historical approaches. But in contemporary society many feel the need for new ways of connecting with the Holy Spirit, ways that are in sync and integrated within a 21st century worldview.

J.M.J. West

Kinds of prayer, devotion, liturgy, monasticism, adoration, angels, demons, etc.

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