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Hoyt Roberson

I can address any question dealing with Christian spirituality, spiritual formation or direction, and living in the presence of God.


Any question pertaining to Christianity and other religions.

Rev. Jason P. Peterson

I believe that the spirituality of historical Christianity shares little in common with that of any other world religion, and I welcome any questions regarding the spirituality of Christianity, particularly in relation to the Reformation Traditions. I also take a great interest in examining new Christian movements and popular trends in Christianity from a Reformation perspective. I have particular experience regarding the original Greek text of the New Testament and its meaning, as well as questions regarding liturgy, evangelism, and preaching.

Mario Depeine, Sr.

I can answer a variety of questions related to living as a modern day Christian. I can answer questions about day to day living as a Christian. How should a Christian handle conflicts at home and at work? What should Christians do when faced with impossible choices? What Bible passages are most helpful in resolving specific issues? How is the Bible relevant today? Is there a God and how can we be sure? Is the Bible true?

Olatunde Howard

I can answer these kinds of questions: 1. Following the Spirit of God 2. Knowing the Spirit's voice 3. Being filled with (or under the control of) the Spirit 4. Being baptized with (or immersed in) the Spirit 5. Knowing and using your spiritual gifts 6. Resisting demons 7. Spiritual discernment 8. Being spiritually reborn

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2017-03-14 What do these things mean?:

First of all, what a lot of people fail to mention is that the bible is riddled with misleading translations.  This is not to say that they are false translations insomuch as they are taken out of context

2016-12-10 Death:

Elena,    Thanks for your question.  I apologize for my delay in responding.  An error occurred which prevented me from realizing that I had questions waiting.      Christian teaching, according to the

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