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Dan Hotchkiss

I will answer questions about strategic planning, conflict management, fund raising, and clergy transition in synagogues and churches.

Rev. Jason P. Peterson

I welcome the opportunity to answer questions regarding Evangelism/Outreach to English-speaking non-Christians in the United States. My answers in this area would be relevant for any Christian denomination. I also have specialized knowledge in the areas of rural ministry, rural Evangelism, race track chaplaincy and auto racing outreach/ministry. I do not have adequate experience to answer questions regarding world missions, cross-cultural outreach, or outreach by any religion other than Christianity.

Dr. Deryl King

I can answer any question that needs to be asked. Christians have problems relating to sexuality, drugs, relationships, and even the occult. I will answer all questions using the TRUTH.

Rev. T. H. Eslam

I am willing and able to answer any question whatsoever on any religious or moral topic, but only if such queries are submitted in a respectful and submissive manner. I am a teacher, not an arguer.

Don Stevens

I would like to answer your questions about how to apply the eternal principles taught by Christ into your personal life, church life, marriage and/or family relationships.Would be pleased to humbly try to answer your questions concerning Biblical Contextual Preaching, Biblical Leadership, Biblical Ministry, Biblical Counseling and related subjects.

Pastor Don Carpenter

I can answer any question as about Bible doctrine and have 20+ years experience from which to draw some practical advise for those who are also in the ministry.

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2016-11-18 financial question for church:

I'm not sure of the state law, but federal law does not say that you can't carry a church related debit or credit card. I carry a church credit card for everyday expenses. I am the pastor, and I sit on

2016-11-18 church financial concern:

Dear "Pastor",  Peace!    You claim to be some kind of religious leader, yet it seems you cannot distinguish between the ONE and ONLY law of God and a man-made rule.    I suggest you find a spiritual master

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