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David DeLaurentos

I can answer any question pertaining to youths and Christianity. Many youths question and struggle with many issues while being torn over biblical issues. Their conscience becomes trouble with many spiritual obstacles. Hopefully I will be able to apply biblical counsel to your situation and come to a positive outcome.


I am a youth minister. I am very new to the job.I would like to take on this challenge of answering questions from youths. I am sure I will not have all the answers but God knows everything and we can ask. Also I notice there are a lot of experts in this area so there is a lot of help available. I am really excited to take on this venture in helping to shape tomorrow's adults. God bless you greatly

Juan Castaneda

At the moment this volunteer is no longer accepting questions.

Pastor Don Carpenter

I believe that every word of the Bible is God- Breathed. This blessed book is the foundation of truth for faith and practice. If you ask this volunteer a question you will receive an answer from the Bible that is based upon a literal, normal interpretation, taking into account the grammar and culture of the time.

Carl F.

I can answer questions from teens & young adults concerning their faith walk and on social issues which affect their lives. I can answer questions on sex, homosexuality, or drugs, and anything else that might be troubling you. After 30 years in youth ministry, nothing shocks me, and I promise to give straight answers to any and all questions. I can also answer questions from youth workers on problems they`re having with programming or with their groups.

L E Burns Apostle of Jesus

From Gods mouth to your ears. If you want the truth, and not just someone to agree with you, you've come to the right place.. "The wounds of a friend are better than the kisses of an enemy!"

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