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James Yee

My main area of expertise is Cuban cigars and I can assist you if you have questions pertaining to Cuban cigars. I can also assist you with the following:

- General cigar-related questions and advice
- Humidor maintenance and troubleshooting (How to treat humidor mold, correct high/low humidity, humidor seasoning, etc.)
- Accessory maintenance and troubleshooting (Cigar cutters, hygrometers, humidifiers, etc.)
- Cigar restoration, preservation and troubleshooting (How to treat cigar mold/tobacco beetles, restoring vintage/dry cigars, etc.)
- Cigar/Brand identification
- Cigar etiquette

Unsure of a certain cigar brand? Wondering what a certain cigar tastes like? Have a question about Cuban cigars? Having problems with a humidor or Just let me know! I have smoked every brand of Cuban cigars and most reputable non-Cuban cigar brands on a regular basis so I know a fair bit about taste profiles, cigar etiquette and other fine nuances to cigar smoking. (NOTE: My main focus is on premium, hand-rolled cigars and not cheap, machine made, convenience store cigars.) IMPORTANT: PLEASE NOTE THAT I DO NOT PROVIDE CIGAR OR CIGAR-RELATED APPRAISALS. If you have a vintage cigar item and you want to know if it's worth something, please .....

Gorman Ludwig

I can answer questions about most premium cigars available in the US market. I can provide information to retailers and general consumers about procedures, order of operations, problem solving, cigar etiquette, proper contacts,humidor preperation, butane lighter repair, and cigar history.

M J Robbins

Retailer of cigars and acc. since 1979. Cigars - I've smoked most including Cubans. Humidors- Testing humidors all the time. Selling humidors for 30 years. Pipes - I imported Briar and Meerschaum also repaired them in the 1980's. Lighters- Zippo distributor 30 years, expert in repair of old and new lighters although I haven't repaired an antique lighter in 15 years. Repaired thousands of butane lighters.

Bill Finck Jr.

I'm a fourth generation cigar maker and have spent 25+ years operating our factory as well as a mail order cigar company. I belong to cigar manufacturers associations as well as retail cigar associations so I'm usually up to date with current events relating to cigars. I've smoked the majority of brands on the market and would be happy to share my opinions of them with you. Since I live in the U.S. I have very little experience with Cuban cigars, but other than that I know a least a little bit about almost every brand of cigars on the market.

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2017-02-14 Humidor:

Hi Daniel,    The first thing you should do is check to make sure that your hygrometer is calibrated and functioning properly.  If you are using an analog hygrometer, conduct a salt test on it to ensure

2017-02-04 Montecristo:

Hi John,    When Fidel Castro took control of Cuba and became president in 1959, he had the Government assume control of the Cuban cigar industry and all the Cuban brand names so by the time Alonso Menendez

2017-01-27 Cigar Issue?:

Daniel,    A couple of things. First, it sounds like the cigars arrived with proper humidity. Regardless of what the outdoor temperature is, unless your humidor is stored in the cold (50's) temperature

2017-01-24 Xikar Crystals & NewAir CC-300:

Hi F,    Personally, I don't think it's necessary to change the cartridges as often as manufacturers suggest because you can simply refill the cartridges with distilled water.  Of course, if the cartridges

2017-01-23 Xikar Crystals & NewAir CC-300:

Hi F Gaddo,    The brown liquid is commonly nicotine built up during smoking when the heat of the lit cigar mixes with natural oils in the tobacco and the moisture from your mouth. This residue commonly

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