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Arshad Khan

I can answer any questions to do with civil and structural engineering consultancy and construction industry in East Africa and the Middle East, and specifically with the analysis and design of reinforced concrete structures. My particular expertise is in the aseismic design and optimisation of tall buildings.

Babak Esmailzadeh Hakimi

I can answer questions in Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Project Management and Project Control topics!

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2017-02-20 draining a portion of river(cofferdam):

Hi Roy,    No, as I said, the canvas will be the layer stopping the water and it needs to line the rock dam's upstream slope, which needs to be between 30-45 degrees slope from the horizontal. Depends

2017-02-20 draining a portion of river(cofferdam):

Hi Roy,    Yes, you can use canvas as a layer upstream but it will need support downstream, which can be by use of rocks to form a small cofferdam. The canvas just acts as a layer to minimise water penetration

2017-02-17 Truss analysis:

Hi Glenn,    The only difference you should have between the two methods is that with fixed nodes there will be local moments as well as axial loads. The axial loads, overall, should remain the same for

2017-02-14 dynamic analysis:

Dear Amr    Your question is so short but it requires a long answer which is not within the abilities of this site.  For a dynamic time history analysis you need to select a number of accelerogram conforming

2017-02-12 dynamic analysis:

Dear Amr    It is obvious that you should follow a code of practice and you cant do a dynamic analysis using my general comments. However for a dynamic analysis you need to select a number of accelerogram

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