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Babak Esmailzadeh Hakimi

I can answer questions in Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Project Management and Project Control topics!

Arshad Khan

I can answer any questions to do with civil and structural engineering consultancy and construction industry in East Africa and the Middle East, and specifically with the analysis and design of reinforced concrete structures. My particular expertise is in the aseismic design and optimisation of tall buildings.

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2017-04-20 Time hisorty analysis:

Dear Ahmad    When you perform a time history analysis the structurre will show a time history response with respect to the at rest axis in 3 directions. The maximum displacement is the positive maximum

2017-04-13 mass participation ratio/ base shear:

Hi Ravi,    1. Yes, minimum is 90%. Anything more than that is also OK.    2. Base shear is always from base (z=0). But when defining static earthquake parameter, you can take lowest floor as either GFL

2017-04-11 resonance period:

Dear Ahmad    The modal periods calculated by softwares like etabs are almost the resonance periods. But according to codes of practice the buildings first period is modified by architectural components

2017-04-04 Pad Foundation pressure:

Hi Alpesh,    1. The factor of safety for SBC is usually x3    2. It's possible that the original SBC was underestimated or additional capacity not considered due to depth of foundation- e.g. overburden

2017-04-02 Pad Foundations ULS:

Dear Alpesh    If 1.8 khg/cm2 is allowable capacity then you can load around 5.4 kg/cm2 without fear to be subjected to a hazard normally. If 1.8 is the extrem capacity of the soil then you have real problem

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