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Jeff Wayco

I can answer general and specific questions that relate to problems with and the repair solutions for, the O.E.M. wooden interior trim found in many marques: Jaguar, Roll-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, BMW, Austin Healey, Jensen Healey, Triumph, Lotus etc. etc.

jack bahm

Only repair type questions on the 1928-1931 Ford Model A.

Robert Russell

Mechanical, Body, Historical, MOPAR, GM, Ford, Packard, 1930-1975

Vern Bullock

Visit my website at: I can answer most questions about autos built in the 60's 70's and 80's. Specifically, Lincolns, Rolls Royces and the Excaliburs. Mechanical issues and technical questions are my expertise. I also have a general knowledge of most older automobiles. Keep in mind, I can only provide answers if the questions are very specific and complete. Without details, I can only speculate and that's not good for solving your problem.

Brad Sears

All automotive including antique and collectible. However if the car has been modified I can only answer in general terms and maybe get you pointed in the right direction.

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2016-05-17 wipers on '54 Buick Special:

Hello Bert,    The most likely cause for your problem is in a rubber grommet on the internal linkage connecting the wiper motor to the windshield wiper post. This post feeds through the cowl to the windshield

2016-04-25 62 Comet Clutch:

Engine swaps quite often have these types of problems. Sound like you are on the right track about the throw out bearing being a bit short. Might have to go to the parts store and check out the throw out

2016-04-23 95 Chevy Beretta:

Hi Frank:  As a standard rule...    1. Oil should be changed every 3,000 or 6 months, which ever come first.  2. Transmission fluid should be changed every 20,000 miles or 2 years, which ever come first

2016-04-19 Maintenance Question:

On this car where you know the history and the mileage I would personally leave the transmission alone as long as the fluid on the dip stick is clear and does not smell burned. As far AS OTHER MAINTENANCE

2016-04-18 1982 Dodge K Car brakes:

The booster can cause a hard brake and diminished braking. The test that I use to give a quick booster check is simple. With the engine off press the brake pedal hard and hold it. While holding the pedal

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