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Robert Russell

Mechanical, Body, Historical, MOPAR, GM, Ford, Packard, 1930-1975

Brad Sears

All automotive including antique and collectible. However if the car has been modified I can only answer in general terms and maybe get you pointed in the right direction.

jack bahm

Only repair type questions on the 1928-1931 Ford Model A.

Vern Bullock

Visit my website at: I can answer most questions about autos built in the 60's 70's and 80's. Specifically, Lincolns, Rolls Royces and the Excaliburs. Mechanical issues and technical questions are my expertise. I also have a general knowledge of most older automobiles. Keep in mind, I can only provide answers if the questions are very specific and complete. Without details, I can only speculate and that's not good for solving your problem.

Jeff Wayco

I can answer general and specific questions that relate to problems with and the repair solutions for, the O.E.M. wooden interior trim found in many marques: Jaguar, Roll-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, BMW, Austin Healey, Jensen Healey, Triumph, Lotus etc. etc.

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2014-10-26 Window glass:

I looked again at the book, and all it says is that the glass will slide out of the top of the door.  Maybe just loosen up the rails.  Wish I was near a sedan to look at it, but all I have is my roadster

2014-10-24 Thermostat in a Model A:

Be sure to go to this site and see all of my Model A how-to videos.  Or it might be easier to go to youtube, search for my channel

2014-10-23 Window glass:

On page 1-363, in the Model A Mechanics handbook by Andrews, it tells how to do it.  I hope you have this book.  We all have it and use it a lot.  Anyway, I'll give you the short version.  Detrim the door

2014-10-22 41 ply:

Hello Gary,    Wonderful old Mopar you've got!    It is possible for the starter to reverse rotation if the polarity was reversed during "rebuilding".  The fact you've noted this makes me suspect the rest

2014-10-19 Upper distributor shaft bushing:

I don't know how you lube it unless you have the fix in place.  That oil cup on the side only lubes the lower bushing.  To lube the upper, you need to drill a hole down through the cam screw, then a hole

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