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Vern Bullock

I can answer most questions about autos built in the 1920 through 1990. Mechanical issues and technical questions are my expertise. I also have a general knowledge of most older automobiles. Keep in mind, I can only provide answers if the questions are very specific and complete. Without details, I can only speculate and that's not good for solving your problem.

Jeff Wayco

I can answer general and specific questions that relate to problems with and the repair solutions for, the O.E.M. wooden interior trim found in many marques: Jaguar, Roll-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, BMW, Austin Healey, Jensen Healey, Triumph, Lotus etc. etc.

Brad Sears

All automotive including antique and collectible. However if the car has been modified I can only answer in general terms and maybe get you pointed in the right direction.

jack bahm

Only repair type questions on the 1928-1931 Ford Model A.

Robert Russell

Mechanical, Body, Historical, MOPAR, GM, Ford, Packard, 1930-1975

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2016-08-21 electric fuel pumps in a dynamic system:

The system from the book is the one that I have used for years and it has worked well. The system that turns the pump on for a specified time is controlled by the engines computer. I am sure that in some

2016-07-28 Dash light:

All you need is power to the black light wire, and you have that.  From here, the switch to turn it off is by turning it counterclockwise and pulling it back a bit.  The cover will come off if you pull

2016-07-13 throttle return issue.:

You should buy a new stock spring if you think you can get it to work. I recommend two springs in my video.  Before you do anything, check your rod going to the carb.  It may be a little too long.  If

2016-06-25 1950 dodge b2b part:

Hello Scott,    You may have been looking at the wrong online sources. Your engine was built from 1934-1959 in cars and through 1962 in trucks so parts availability is still quite good. Plymouth and Dodge

2016-06-19 electrical problem 1950 dodge b2b:

No you have not killed the truck. But there is a procedure that should bring it back to life. First we need to get the battery charged to the correct polarity. To do this completely discharge the battery

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