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Robert Russell

Mechanical, Body, Historical, MOPAR, GM, Ford, Packard, 1930-1975

Jeff Wayco

I can answer general and specific questions that relate to problems with and the repair solutions for, the O.E.M. wooden interior trim found in many marques: Jaguar, Roll-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, BMW, Austin Healey, Jensen Healey, Triumph, Lotus etc. etc.

jack bahm

Only repair type questions on the 1928-1931 Ford Model A.

Brad Sears

All automotive including antique and collectible. However if the car has been modified I can only answer in general terms and maybe get you pointed in the right direction.

Vern Bullock

Visit my website at: I can answer most questions about autos built in the 60's 70's and 80's. Specifically, Lincolns, Rolls Royces and the Excaliburs. Mechanical issues and technical questions are my expertise. I also have a general knowledge of most older automobiles. Keep in mind, I can only provide answers if the questions are very specific and complete. Without details, I can only speculate and that's not good for solving your problem.

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2015-07-10 Replacing split rims on '61 GMC pickup:

Hello G.,    Sorry to hear of your loss. I'll try to help as much as possible but it's hard to tell things accurately from only a picture. Important considerations when buying a used wheel are diameter

2015-07-10 Tight engine - starting problems:

If it turns slowly and then comes to a stop, it is trying to fire before the piston reaches the top of it's stroke.  Need more retard.  Check your timing and make sure y0u always have the spark lever up

2015-07-04 Bad Short:

If the light harness is disconnected, and the short is still there, it has nothing to do with the lights. It can't. Leave that disconnected, and, using an ohm meter, leave the fuse out and check between

2015-07-04 Bad Short:

Lets start over.  Remove the wire connection at the generator.  That is the light harness.  That takes all the lights and horn out of the system.  Then see what you have.      If you do have to take the

2015-07-03 Electrical short:

Buy some new packing, back off the nut and stuff the packing strip into the nut and run it on and just get it snug, not tight.  On the fitting, that is to lube the front brg.  It should have a small screw-on

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