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I am a choral conductor/keyboard player/singer who is completing a DMA in music education. I can answer questions regarding music education, music history, music theory, general education, and conducting.

Charles E.J. Moulton

Expertise: vocal training, piano, guitar, composition, operatic history, musical history, history of musical theatre and jazz, Swedish musical history. I am educated at the Vienna Music Academy, Vienna Conservatory Opera School, St. Sigfrid's Music Academy. I have sung over 60 operatic and musical roles and performed in over 100 stage productions. I am a teacher of music, drama, and voice, have studied classical guitar and have been a concert singer for close to 30 years (classical, oratory, rock, pop, big band, jazz) I can answer most questions in this area

Gary Goldberg

I can answer questions in Russian and about Russian and Soviet composers

Jody Doktor

I have a doctoral degree in opera performance and can answer questions relating to opera. I am also willing to answer diction questions regarding singing in English, French, German, Italian, or Czech.

Martha Beth Lewis

I have a PhD in musicology, with expertise in medieval - Renaissance - Baroque - Classical periods, but I'll try to help you with any period.

>>*****IMPORTANT NOTE*****<<: I do not answer questions marked "private." I don't want to type the same thing to someone else later if I typed it to you already! If you mark your request "private," I will send it back to you requesting you to remove the "private" flag. Thanks for your understanding. Remember, I'm a volunteer.

My answers are not toss-offs. If I don't know the answer, I will do my best to find it.

I have many requests to identify a piece of music. If I can't identify it, I will tell you (1) what composer I think it is; (2) what composer or composers I think it is not; (3) what style period, genre, etc. I think it is or is not. And give you any other help I can to help you find the answer.

Please find a clear clip. In the interest of good computer hygiene, I will not download a clip. Nor will I go to a site where I must "register" in .....

David Froom

Classical Music,Modern Classical Music Composition

Michael Johnston

I can help with any topic relating to pipe organs, Hammond organs, electronic organs, organ music, organ sheet music, music publishers and publishing, sheet music restoration. If you have a hardware or technical question, I can connect you to an organ builder or technician. Questions may be submitted in any language.

Curtis Stotlar

Piano performance of classical music

Stephen Levine

I can answer most questions about any kind of classical music but with special emphasis on the violin, it's, repertoire and technique. I can also help with orchestral and chamber music.

Jim Frimmer

I can answer any questions on classical piano music and am very familiar with the piano in chamber ensembles. I'm also very familiar with the big names in the piano world and can answer questions about the best piano recordings.

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I am flattered that you think enough of my answers that you want me to do your homework for you.      One of the thing homework teaches is HOW to learn; the homework assignment content is just the vehicle

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 Thank you for doing due diligence before submitting your question to me.  I very much appreciate your courtesy.    ~~    There are no stupid questions.  Ever.  Only people who are afraid to look stupid

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Hi Dan,    My information comes from my studies in music on the undergraduate and graduate levels. I was blessed to have wonderful instructors who brought to bear much knowledge and context regarding musical

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Hi Dan!    I am so glad that you are interested in musical forms! It is a fascinating subject worthy of study and investigation. I'll try to answer in two parts, relating to each form, and then talk about

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