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Katherine Q Revoir

I will answer basic questions about codependency. In answering questions about codependency, I will not address "the other person." I will only talk about you.

Kevin Patrick

I am well-versed in questions regarding addiction, especially as addiction relates to ADHD. I have lived with ADHD for my entire life and have experienced addiction to methamphetamine and have successfully recovered. I can answer many general medical and anatomical questions, along with brain function and behavior but I do not attempt to do so as if I am a physician. I am not. I have, however, practical experience that should be shared with others in order for them to again become productive family members, employees, employers and so on. I am well educated, well spoken and friendly. I also have a unique ability to make people feel comfortable when speaking with them.


My life has been been full and rewarding with a passion for education and knowledge. I have spent many fun and long days in the public library where I first became inspired to learn self-love and finding inner happiness. My education started with Social Work and Medical Assistant, Domestic Violence Advocate, and with 21 years of sobriety I was finally able to give back by Sponsoring fellow recovering alcoholics. Also worked in an women's clinic educating young women on empowering themselves with personal birth-control methods. Mother of four adult children and grand-mother of 4. I am working on my degree in Transformation Psychology as a Holistic Practitioner. This is a new and exciting time for moving forward and making lasting changes gor ourselves and each other.


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