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Vic G

I collect casino chips. I started collecting $1 casino chips when I was in high school growing up in New Jersey at the time casinos came to Atlantic City in 1978. In 2016 my collection topped 3,700 different $1 chips. I'm a regular poker player and have visited dozens or casinos and poker rooms across the United States.

Bob Berry

Questions related to collecting Glass Insulators and porcelain insulators - I can provide historical information as well as current collector values. I am also interested in purchasing insulators I need for my collection.

David Miller

Questions on Salvation Army memorabilia and artifacts and sources and collecting of same. Also questions on The Salvation Army`s history from 1865 to date.

Robert Vermillion

Questions regarding collectable fishing tackle, reels, lures, etc.


Knives and other types of edged weapons or similar subject. Can be military related, hunting, fishing, collected, antique, rare, or valuable.

John Cooper

I am a collector of USAAF World War Two sterling wings. I can answer general history questions on the air war in the ETO from a USAAF perspective. I am also able to answer questions about the equipment used by USAAF airmen during WW2. Additionally I can can answer questions related to the information contained in the Pilots, Navigators, and Bombardiers information files. I look forward to your questions!

Ira Rubin

Specialist in fire fighting history, municpal fire protection in general, Jersey City and NYC specifically. Fire service memorabelia in general, helmets, front pieces and badges specifically.

Bill Finkler

I am a collector of US Military Wings and Medals, homefront war effort and sweetheart jewelry from the Spanish American War to present. I can answer questions regarding militaria such as authenticity, dating pieces, evaluating and supplying. I have been consulted by experts for books published on Sweetheart Jewelry.

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2017-04-14 Whitall Tatum #2:

We identify this style as a CD 122.  Attached is a link to a style chart showing this (and others).  This was a standard style for telephone use and was made mu multiple glass companies.  In the late 1930s

2017-04-13 follow up photos:

Hi Cindy --     Very cool items, but these are not insulators.  I believe they are tea-lite holders.  They would sit point down in a metal ring holder and have a small tea-lite candle within.  Here is

2017-02-10 lefferts hook insulator in original block:

Awesome find!  Can you attach some pictures - it should be as simple at?  You mention unscrewing the insulator - the typical Leffert's hooks have a slot and a nail through the wooden block with secure

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