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Dale Pike

I have been in the PEZ collecting hobby since 1993. I am available to answer questions in relation to values, conditions, buying, selling, or trading PEZ DISPENSERS. I do NOT know anything about Daisy Air Guns.


I am a collector of bubble blowers and can direct others to where they might find a specific bubble blower, and also help them get more information about bubbles and bubble blowers. Feel free to ask any bubble related questions and if I don`t know the answer I`ll give you some other ideas to explore. Please note that I am a COLLECTOR of bubble blowers, not a seller, but I can often point you in the right direction for one you would like to find.

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2016-08-11 Carousel horse:

Carousel horses are outside my area of expertise (bubble blowing equipment/toys).     However, when I want to learn about a new area of collectibles, I always start at ebay and read all the descriptions

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