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I can answer questions regarding types of financial aid. My advice about filling out the FAFSA is get someone to help you/your parents (I probably could have gotten more financial aid if we had gotten help from someone).

Sue Kayton

Ask me about nuts-and-bolts information, such as going out-of-state for college, dorm life, handling stress, how to handle bank transfers, credit cards, etc.

Ms. D

I can answer general questions about college life as an adult student as well as traditional age. I can help you with how to make the right choice of school, being away from home for the first time, adjusting to being a big fish in a small pond, Do's and Don'ts and almost anything that is on your mind. If I do not initially have the answer I will help you figure it out.

Nafeesah Abdullah

I can answer any question pertaining to college life, but I will not answer anything silly or profoundly ignorant. Questions need to be in clear english and logical in nature.

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2017-01-01 Double Major in Geology and Astronomy?:

My advice to you is research jobs that will use those college majors because you don't want to get out there and you can't get any use out of your degree. Both Astronomy and Geology are science majors

2017-01-01 Double Majoring in Geology and Astronomy?:

Depends on what college you end up at.  Some schools have more demanding majors than others.  While in college you will be exposed to other majors that you don't know exist now, so you may end up majoring

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