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Sue Kayton

Ask me about nuts-and-bolts information, such as going out-of-state for college, dorm life, handling stress, how to handle bank transfers, credit cards, etc.

Ms. D

I can answer general questions about college life as an adult student as well as traditional age. I can help you with how to make the right choice of school, being away from home for the first time, adjusting to being a big fish in a small pond, Do's and Don'ts and almost anything that is on your mind. If I do not initially have the answer I will help you figure it out.


I can answer questions regarding types of financial aid. My advice about filling out the FAFSA is get someone to help you/your parents (I probably could have gotten more financial aid if we had gotten help from someone).

Nafeesah Abdullah

On Vacation
returns 12/08/2016
I can answer any question pertaining to college life, but I will not answer anything silly or profoundly ignorant. Questions need to be in clear english and logical in nature.

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