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Adam L. Greenberg CPS

I have several years of experience in commercial property management, particularly in tenant retention but also in day-to-day tenant relations and service. I can answer questions relating to general topics but by law, because I am licensed by The Missouri Real Estate Commission, I cannot give legal advice and as per Items #4 and #5 of the AllExperts User Agreement, my answers may not be construed as such.

Troy Labani

I cannot answer legal questions or provide legal advice, but other than that, I can answer most questions regarding Multi-family purchase, management, ownership, finance, maintenance, repositioning, and marketing. I can also answer almost any question related to the development or maintenance of the physical plant.

Jim Avancena

Any question involving commercial (non residential) property management or commercial leasing.

Jonathan Powell

All aspects of Commercial Property Management in England - service charges, landlord and tenant issues and so on. I can also answer questions from candidates studying to be Chartered Surveyors as I am an assessor for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. I cannot answer specific questions on properties in areas where property law is different - Scotland, for example.

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